[VIP Method] [2019] POD (Print on Demand) Dead? Allow me to change your Mindset…

POD (Print on Demand) has been up for a long time with people making lots from it.
Lately, people hardly work on POD system because they believe it all dead.
No, it’s not – to me, the whole system got saturated with people hardly thinking of working with a new system that could earn ‘em some money.

Without FODA’AHDO, Let get straight to work;

We will still be using the old Facebook ads to get some traffic but this time not the traditional way of ‘’Warming up the audience” before finally having them targeted to get sales! That’s like getting money wasted on people you don’t care about you anyways.
The audience are warmed up already and all you need is getting the perfect product right on their face. It’s more of reverse psychology type of thing – seeing what’s being reacted to on a final redefined product, trust me the buying rate is always HIGH!

To get this going;
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