How to START and SCALE a Social Media Marketing Agency



  • Over 80 Videos: The most in-depth curriculum ever created for SMMA
  • Inner Circle: Unlimited access to the inner circle of entrepreneurs just like you
  • Weekly Live Q&A Coaching: We will take you by the hand by answering all of your questions and guiding you through your SMMA journey to success.


Get Access To:

The only course you will ever need

80+ lectures teaching you how to run an agency like a boss!


We spent 12 months creating the single most in-depth social media marketing course ever created. Everything from operations, sales, incredibly in-depth social media ads modules, other service fulfillment and MORE!



Unlimited Access To The Smma Blueprint Inner Circle


An exclusive group of like minded professionals who are taking their agency – and their lives – to the next level! 

This gives you direct access to us so that we can help you with ANY challenges you face along the way!



Steal All Of Our Funnels!


We have spent thousands of dollars on every one of these funnels, and have run millions of dollars in ads to them.

These are our secret sauce behind successful client campaigns, and can be installed with one single click!

Our Bulletproof Proposal Template


The perfect proposal gets the deal done every time.

You will learn every single thing that you need to put together the proposal that wins every single time!

This proposal template is the key behind why we have a 90% close ratio in client meetings!



Get All Of Our Smma Legal Agreements!


Legal fees are astronomically expensive! When we got started in Social Media Marketing, we had to pay lawyer’s thousands and thousands of dollars.

You get every legal agreement that we have FREE as a part of The SMMA Blueprint!



Our Entire High Ticket Linkedin Course!


Did you know that LinkedIn has been a major growth engine for agencies lately and is a major way to grow your business extremely fast?!

Other courses think that you should have to buy another course to learn how to use LinkedIn to grow your business.

We are giving it to you free as a part of The SMMA Blueprint!

The High Ticket LinkedIn course alone is over 20 videos!






Module One – Getting Set-Up

In-depth video lectures specifically designed to get your agency off the ground and prepared to acquire clients as fast as possible. The ultimate agency jump start!

Topics covered in this module include:

  • How to get your SMMA started in 2 days
  • ​How to effectively set up your agency up for long term success
  • Getting ready to take payment
  • Getting your agencies digital presence and brand set up
  • Managing cash flow


Module Two – Client Acquisition Sales Masterclass

We teach you 20 years of collective sales experience and everything that you need to know to close 9/10 prospects that you meet with, and how to dramatically scale your meeting #’s to acquire clients fast!

Over 17 videos covering:

  • ​Sales 101
  • Prospecting to acquire clients
  • Cold e-mail, cold call, and the ultimate scripts to convert
  • The client meeting guide – And how to create proposals that prospects cannot say NO TO!
  • How to do audits the right way
  • How to close the deal


Module 3 – Deliver Kick-Ass Services for Your Clients!

Delivering amazing services is the most important part of having an SMMA. We teach you everything that we have learned from working with 50+ clients and spending Multi-Milliion dollar client ad budgets!

Over 19 videos covering:

  • ​Facebook ads masterclass – The most in-depth Facebook ad training available
  • ​E-mail marketing skills to absolutely crush it for clients
  • Social media management and how to make your clients social channels look amazing and convert
  • Creating, sourcing, and managing content that is going to delight your clients and inspire their audience
  • All the tools that you need to have in order to run a successful social media marketing agency


Module 4 – How to Scale Beyond 6-Figures

In order to build an amazing 6 or 7-figure social media agency, you are going to have to scale your client base and your team.

We will teach you everything we have learned from growing our agency to over 10 employees and continuing to scale our team!

  • ​The right agency systems to acquire clients at will
  • The ideal employee – How and where to find them
  • How to create partnerships with other agencies that make both of you a ton of cash!
  • How to manage your team and your time as you aggressively grow your agency

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