Jason Capital – The Capital Copywriting Certification Program 2019

  The Capital Copywriting Certification Thank you so much for reaching out about the Capital Copywriting Certification Training!   I’ve been working closely with entrepreneurs and aspiring copywriters the past few months teaching them the $1.5 Billion-Dollar Copy Engine that turns traffic into customers. So far the results have been amazing. I have two Millionaire Students so far. (Their (more…)

Katie Yeakle – Secrets of Writing High Performance Business to Business Copy

Your Step By Step Program   That’s why I’m excited to introduce to you AWAI’s Secrets of Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy… A program created by our friend and Master B2B Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite that’s become the industry standard for new B2B copywriters starting out. Not only will Secrets of Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy teach you everything you need to know about (more…)

Mike Shreeve – The Letter System

How To Make 6-Figures A Year Writing Letters Just Like This   Dear friend, The letter you are about to read right now will very likely generate more than $100,000 in sales (I’ll prove why that prediction is accurate in a second). It only took me half an afternoon to write, and half a morning to (more…)

Ray Edwards – Copywriting Academy 2

This Proven SYSTEM Cranks Out All the Cash-Creating Copy You Need This is not just a course, and not just a coaching program – it’s a system for writing copy. Any and all copy you need for your business. The Academy is right for you if…   You’re planning to do a “Jeff Walker style” Product Launch and you want to be sure (more…)

AuthorConf 2018

Dear Future Bestselling Author, We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you taking your next step into achieving your dreams as a writer by purchasing the lifetime All-Access Package for AuthorConf. In these 35 presentations and inverviews that you will be able to access from your computer, tablet, or phone, you will uncover: How a (more…)

The Agora Financial Copy School System

  It’s the most sought-after copywriting system on the planet, and… “It’s Turning People Off The Street Into Million-Dollar Marketing Producers… In Just Days!” No Outsider Has Ever Been Granted Access To The Legendary Copywriting Process Of Agora Financial…   Dear Fellow Marketer, Every A-Player knows: Writing copy is at the foundation of everything we do. Everything. If you don’t know (more…)

Copy Hackers – Copy School 2018

Copy School 2018   A hugely damaging myth is that you need to be a copywriter to write great copy. Unlike design and development, copywriting is a must-have skillset for your whole team. You can’t grow without it.   What you’ll get inside Copy School 2018: Everything in 10x Landing Pages Everything in 10x Sales (more…)

Travis Cody – Six-Figure Author System

  The Fastest, Easiest Way to Publish a Bestselling Book and Attract High-Quality Clients… Even If You’re Not a Writer!   Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Today! Rapid Writing Home Study System  – $1997 Bestselling “Fill-in-The-Blanks” Book Template – $997 Bestseller 45-Day Cheat Sheet – $997 BONUS #1: Targeted Reviewers for Your Book – (more…)

Pam Foster – Direct Response Copywriting Course

Direct Response Copywriting Course Become a Certified Direct-Response Copywriter… and learn how to craft gripping sales copy that seizes attention and sparks desire.       ..a dangerous myth that could have DISASTROUS consequences for anyone who believes it. Want to know what it is? It’s the myth that copywriting is only meant for writers. Right now (more…)

Anik Singal – Copywriting Academy

  Copywriting Is The #1 Skill Every Entrepreneur Must Have, Here’s How The Copywriting Academy Works…     How To Master Copywriting? Step #1: Join Copywriting Academy   This copywriting certification program walks you through step-by-step how to write copy that sells – both for your own projects AND for your clients. You not only get MY (more…)