[VIP GUIDE][2018] How To Get Most of Clients w/o Spending a Cent [absolutely FREE]

Short Disclaimer:

As the title mentions, this will be a short guide on how I got most of my clients without spending a cent. I’m neither a guru nor talented writer, so I’ll keep all information within this thread free instead of trying to sell you a course.

I censored the names and usernames of people in my screenshots to protect their privacy.

Who Will Benefit From This Thread?

I’d genuinely be surprised if there’s something in here that seems new to an experienced BBHF member, but if there is then consider myself surprised.

This guide isn’t targeted towards any special audience, but hopefully the newbies and those who have been struggling to make money online with their service will find it useful.

Before You Start

Think about what you plan to sell. I know this sounds silly, but many people lack confidence and suddenly try to sell everything they’ve got which is bad. Being a Jack of all trades but a master of none has never been a good thing, the same goes for businesses.

So before you start reading, determine what that is.
It doesn’t matter if it’s PPC, SEO or Social Media Management.
You can use this guide to sell any digital service as long as you’re sure what that is.
Let’s start.

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