[VIP GUIDE][2018] How to BOT on IG (InstaGram) and Make $$$ Money

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What is up BBHF! I will talk about the screenshot in a moment, however I would just like to say after playing around with botting for roughly 45ish days for 12-17 hours a day I have come up with some juicy stuff I would LOVE to share with you guys! Why am I sharing it? Uhhh because I am still new enough to remember those painful encounters of asking around on what to do and not getting an answer in various places. So I am making this guide to help some newer people out and people who still have some questions!

The Screenshot
So the screenshot, well as you can see it is a daily update on how many followers that specific bot’s entire Instagram network has grown. This is a bot I just added a few days back and filled it up with some new accounts. In fact that spike of 15,000 followers was me adding accounts. The first 3 columns were from me actually editing the accounts. When I edit accounts I actually add separate logos, bios, real brand names, etc. So it is very very time consuming to say the least, good thing I spend a lot of time doing this haha.

Aside from all that you may notice a spike of 20,000 followers gained in one day! This was the first day I turned ALL the accounts on working together, and they collectively gained 20,000 followers. Now you may also notice the next day and today(7/13/2018) being a bit lower, this is because I saw a spike in people getting banned and such and to be frankly honest I did not want anything to do with that so I turned all the accounts off so I would not fall prey to the ban wave.

My New Batch Of Accounts
So as you already know that screenshot features my newest accounts. These accounts consist of 125 running ones and about 75 turned off ones for maintenance as we speak. From the 20k day to now all the accounts are following roughly 648 on average with a follow back ratio of 24%, all rough calculations but still accurate to some extent. Considering I normally get 40%+ follow backs and follow 1,.000+ a day, my results here are not that great compared to my personal methods.

What this means, keeping the normal account exchange value in mind, that I am in fact making an average of $200+ a day($1 per 10k organic followers). Especially once I get these accounts following 1,000 people a day I should be getting 30,000 followers a day on average, not counting the accounts I am adding now ;).

So lets not waste anymore time and dig into EVERYTHING!

————-The Guide————-

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