[Detailed Tutorial] – FB Retarget Ads – Shopify – Retargeting {{{FRESH}}}(2018)

Running an e-commerce/Shopify store with a lot of visitors or add to carts but limited sales?

FB Retarget Ads are your #1 solution.

In 90% of cases, retargeting ads will give the most ROAS (Return on Ad spend) on your Facebook ads.
So if you are not setting up retargeting ads the proper way, you are literally leaving money on the table.

Some background about my experience with FB ads
I started doing Facebook ads initially to promote my freelance graphics business and after a lot of testing/researching, I managed to run some decent campaigns that gave me new leads and potential customers. After some success, I thought I’d give a try to Shopify and e-commerce.

I started with the regular dropship model (shipping products from aliexpress) and took my store to about 24k in less than 2 months with only Facebook adverts.

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